Beware of all the Malaysian famous casino scams

Beware of all the Malaysian famous casino scams

The best thing about  pussy888 is that you can see the reviews online on the feedback of casinos being rigged. Only real gamers are allowed to declare a casino rigged. Most gamers have their stuffs to test the casino and its chances winnings over their players. This Player VS House situation is one and only perfect way to test if the sites are fixed or not. There are hundreds of ways to scam gamers and gamers who love playing this online casino and there are a lot of scammers out there around different parts of the world. So our only motive is to guide you and educate you on how to take care of all the preventative measures and become smart online with our guidance here on casino scams. So with this said you have got an idea on how to avoid getting scammed or even avoid scammers all together and take care of all the prevention measures.

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How can you spot scams?

All the fake online scammers are agents of a real online casino firm in today’s world around the seven continents. There would be a big sign of a scammer if the accounts are matching to the other one. You can take 918Kiss_V2 for an example; there are two versions of 918kiss that are going around in the market from the last few years and this site is the exact copy of the real game but this makes it more complicated for the players with allowing players to lose-win instead. Fake sites will always give a few players these fake 918Kiss_v2 sites to make sure the gamers lose all their winning and fail to claim winnings all the time.The bait and the real switch trick: Some scammers are very clever, few of them will reward gamer accordingly at first and they will change their courses from next time making you lose all the other time. For example, if a gamer gets RM200, they will pay the gamer if he/she wants to withdraw but then the time he/she deposits a huge amount into the site  pussy888, the scammers will stop there and block them after they all have made their deposits.

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